The Harrisburg Master Transportation Plan is ready for an update.

Aerial from 1990s

The small farming community of Harrisburg grew slowly until the 1970’s when the first of several small residential subdivisions were approved and the change to a bedroom community began. This modest rate of growth, of a dozen or so homes and maybe one new street per year, continued for nearly 30 years. Then the housing boom of the 2000’s occurred, with the City’s population soaring from less than 1,000 to more than 4,000 residents in less than ten years.

Aerial from 2021

With a current estimated population of just over 7,000, Harrisburg is a thriving community. With its proximity to the Sioux Falls metropolitan area, traffic levels and patterns are anticipated to change over time as the City continues to grow. As such, the South Dakota Department of Transportation and the City of Harrisburg have recognized a need to establish baseline conditions and plan for future transportation improvements for the area.

Conceptual plan

As Harrisburg continues to develop into the future, it is important to plan for an effective transportation system that can provide safe mobility into the future. Significant travel growth is anticipated between today and 2045, spurring the need for a deeper look into the plan for new roadways, pedestrian and bike facilities, and more!

The study is expected to fulfil the following objectives:

  • Complete a list of transportation issues and needs facing the Harrisburg area.
  • Develop feasible solutions to address those issues and needs that meet current design standards and/or traffic level of service conditions while promoting a livable community that will enhance the economic and social well-being of Harrisburg area residents.
  • Create final products for use by the City of Harrisburg and the SDDOT which will provide guidance to implement recommended improvements and react to future development plans within the area.

Transportation Plan Area

study area map

Plan Timeline

Plan timeline

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